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even better things.

Trusted us , among others

We have experience and solutions that we have developed over the years, but because each case is different - we provide you with personal care from the day one. We act holistically, so you can expect our support in your cases - the smallest and the largest. See for yourself.

  • Maybe we'll help you with choosing a coffee or make one especially for you? Everything is possible.
  • Need training, coffee or equipment?
    Just ask.
  • Do you run a restaurant or bar or maybe you just planning to open it, and you have more questions than answers? Ask them all.
  • “Scientists confirm - coffee in the office can be good too! The method is very simple…”
    – do not trust clickbaits – choose an experienced partner. P.S. Yes, at HAYB we have it.
  • We will be happy to help with everything. Do you need a non-standard solution, do you have unconventional needs or an approach? Easy. We love challenges and we can't wait for the next ones.

HAYB is here for business.