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Our coffee is our trademark. We roast it to unveil its character and charm. We never compromise on quality and taste, but without other pompatic words, we love roasting! This complex yet pragmatic process puts a smile on our faces with each cup we serve.


— HAYB Family

We have roasted coffee for years now. Experience, passion and the best beans from around the world make us tick each day. It sounds cheesy, but thanks to that we roast our coffee effortlessly!


It is still our daily job, so we put a lot of effort into keeping the team running smoothly and operating between the cups.

Marzena Łukaszewska

Customer service

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Aleksandra Wilk

B2B & HoReCa sales

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Maciej Białek

B2B sales, Office support & service

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Lena Wrzosek

Marketing & E-commerce

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Monika Pigan

PR & Influencer Marketing

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Ewelina Sas


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Nick Kuplevatsky

Export B2B Sales

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We are a HAYB family (yeah, the business is run by father and son, tbh) full of individual approaches, yet the team spirit is caffeine high! This is why our speciality coffee blends and single origins are off the hook. With many tastes to please, we are always ready for a small revolution! This is true for us to stay different, which is how we brew!

Simple? Not at all. But this is why we love it!

Despite the coffee-making process being quite an art, we prove you can do complex tasks and still be smiling by the end of the day!

Media Kit

Want to write about us? Sick! Grab a media kit with our glamorous content, and feel free to shoot any questions to spread the love for coffee brewing!