Flavour notes
Caramel, Chocolate, Nougat

Brazil Cerrado Patrocinio

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Preferred preparation methods

Moka pot
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Brazilian coffee is HAYB’s classic and the absolute primal source of every espresso blend at our roasting lab! What would we do without it? Less tasty coffee, for sure!

Fifteen kilometres east of Patrocinio, Brazil, you’ll find a collection of farms and plantations that are unique in their own way.
The local soil differs in this area a lot. It is full of nutrients and abundant in extraordinary minerals thanks to a dormant volcano called Chapadão de Ferro which translates as “Iron Plateau”.

Combined with warm and humid summers and mild and dry winters, it is probably one of the best places to harvest coffee worldwide. Yet, the natural factor alone is nothing without the ages of knowledge of the local producers. The process of sorting the ripe fruits of the coffee and letting it dry in the Brazilian sunshine on patios is state of the art itself. After reaching the ideal moisture level, the grains are segregated and shipped to our HAYB lab.

HAYB’s Brazil Cerrado espresso is perfect for everyday espresso and milky coffees – intense taste and sweetness make it a fantastic coffee!

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Sensory profile

Classics of the genre – everything you are looking for in your espresso! A cup filled with nuts, caramel, chocolate and nougat tastes in.

How to prepare coffe?

Brazil Cerrado Patrocinio

Brewing time
Select the grinding size to achieve the desired yield in the given time.
Full basket
Corresponds to the size of the coffee pot
Brewing time
Till the end!
Always make the maximum amount of coffee for which it is designed in the coffee maker. Pour boiling water into the lower tank, always up to the valve level. End the brewing process as soon as the coffee no longer flows into the upper tank.