Costa Rica Finca El Mirador

Cena: 13.82

Country of origin: Costa Rica
Region: Naranjo, West Valley
Varietal: Red Catuai
Altitude: 1400 m a.s.l.
Process: Natural
Score: 90,5
Tasting notes: Cherry Coke, Juicy Raspberries, Red Wine
Recommended for: Filter (Drip, Aeropress, Chemex), Cold Brew

First HAYB’s coffee with a score above 90 points!

Costa Rica is well known as the one of the best coffee producers in the world, even though it is responsible for only 1% of world’s production. In the heart of Costa Rica, Naranjo region, lies Finca El Mirador, small family-run farm. That’s exactly what makes Speciality Coffee special – no pesticides and toxic fertilizers, proximity of unharmed environment and great attention paid to every step of green coffee bean production. It is especially true for this region and our recent favourite, naturally processed Caturra from El Mirador. First sip of this coffee made us speechless – and this sensation remained until the cup was finished. What a bean it is! Hints of wine, fresh cascara aroma, cherry coke sweetness and juicy raspberries… Amazing! Make your day and check it out for yourself!


Prefered brewing methods:

 drip  chemex (1)  aeropress  syphon
V60 Chemex Aeropress


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