Brazil Cerrado Patrocinio

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Country of origin: Brazil
 Minas Gerais
Varietal: Typica
Altitude: 800-1000 m a.s.l.
Process: Pulped natural
Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, caramel, roasted almonds
Recommended for: Espresso, Mokka Pot, French Press

Coffee farmed in the south of the famous brazilian coffee region, Minas Gerais. Producers in this area specialize in coffee bean processing what, together with the perfect climate, helps to maintain constant high quality beetween lots. Our Brasil Guaxupe is a low-acidity coffee perfect both with milk or as an espresso on its own.
Prefered brewing methods:
kolba schematyczny ekspres kawiarka frenchpress
Espresso Mokka pot Frenchpress
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