About Us


We are HAYB Speciality Coffee, a family roastery based in Warsaw, Poland and we’d like to serve you everything we love in a cup of coffee. Gathering experience in multiple speciality coffee cafes and roasteries, we now want to share it not only in our country, but also abroad.

The overall experience doesn’t rely only on taste of roasted beans. Design, customer service, hospitality, taking care of every detail is something that sets us apart. Our filter coffees comes in 250 g boxes with unique illustrations. Each of our packages is controlled and hand packed with utmost care by our team to assure best possible experience – from delivery, until the very last sip.

Our roasts are made on Giesen W15A, one of the most appreciated roasters in the world. We source green coffee only from notable importers like Nordic Approach and Falcon Speciality Coffee and base our choice on series of cuppings and quality control. After establishing a right roast profile we control every batch with Colorette Colour Measuring Unit to maintain highest possible quality level.

We’d like to welcome you to our roastery. Be our guest, take a seat and enjoy your cup.

So, How Are You Brewing?